Financial & Economic Literacy Hackathon

at the European Forum Alpbach 2022
28 - 30th
Forum Alpbach Partner
Hackathon closing
on August, 30th

Brown Bag Lunch with David Mayer-Heinisch ( 

12.00 – 13.00: Congress Center Alpbach, Herz-Kremenak Saal

! Public crowd voting for the best financial literacy ideas !

on August, 29th

Charly Kleissner: “Impact Investing – the state of affairs, comparing Europe and USA”

12.10 – 13.00: Hotel zur Post

Why we need financial and economic literacy?

Europe’s impressive post world war success story has come to a halt during the last 20 years. The reasons for that are manyfold. The “Financing Europe’s Future” Track at the European Forum Alpbach 2022 addresses some of the major economic and financial consequences of this unfortunate development. However, in the activist spirit of Alpbach, we will also examine opportunities to revive the European story within the digital economy of the 21st century and discuss opportunities with key stakeholders on how to further transform Europe into a vibrant capital market.

The MEGA Hackathon concept follows a strong „Do Tank Approach“ that develops concrete ideas and projects in a participatory and interdisciplinary manner and will take place as part of a „3 half-days-retreat“ during the European Forum Alpbach Lab Week, August 27-30th, 2022. 

While the world is changing at breakneck speed and slipping from one crisis into the next, people tend to be left behind and unsettled by global events. This requires a strengthening of competencies in the area of finance and economics that is sustainable and enables people to understand global conditions and their scope for action. This is where the MEGA Hackathon comes in.

Thematic focus fields

We are looking for ideas in the three following fields:

1. Financial literacy for children and young people

How can we reach children and young people in a low-threshold way to help them strengthen   their financial and economic literacy? Which initiatives, projects, and services successfully increase the economic and financial literacy of children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in particular?

2. Responsible and sustainable financial and economic literacy for adults

What do contemporary lifelong learning offers in the field of economic and financial education look like? How can we integrate financial and economic education into issues of sustainable living, personal wealth creation and ecological footprint? What answers do we have in the field of financial and economic education considering the  growing social inequality in our societies?

3. Possibilities for financial and economic literacy for people in retirement

How can we keep knowledge on economic, financial and capital market topics up to date for the elderly  in order to ensure their participation in our fast-moving world?

The MEGA Hackathon offers you:

Interdisciplinary work and result-driven approach to develop your idea together with international & national experts

International networking synergies with the MEGA and EFA communities

3-day ticket to the European Forum Alpbach 2022 and accomodation

Seed capital for the two best ideas and access to the MEGA growth accelerator program

MEGA Timetable