Twelve selected creators/founders will work on their ideas together with experts from the fields of education, NGOs, organizational development, start-up building, business and finance, among others. In interdisciplinary and process-supported teamwork, mutual impulses are to be set, experiences exchanged and most importantly, expertise shared. Following experts will join the MEGA Hackathon. The list continues to be updated. 

Finance & Economics

Mariella Schurz

Secretary General, B&C Privatstiftung

Alex Moser-Parapatits

Managing Director, B&C Innovation Investments

Markus Schuller

Founder & Managing Partner, Panthera Solutions

Karsten Ottenberg

Advisory Board Member, Cusanus Hochschule

Ulrike Zöchbauer

Specialist, Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA)

Johannes Seiringer

Raiffeisenlanesbank Oberösterreich AG

Charly Kleissner

Co-Founder, Toniic


Tatjana Lattorff

Fürst Liechtenstein Philanthropie Stiftung

Peter Eiselmair

Managing Director, Education Group

Hartwig Hitz

Geography and Economics Teacher

Silja Graupe

Founder, Cusanus Hochschule

Startup & Business Angels

Daniel Dippold

Serial Founder & Investor

Michael Kowatschew

President, Sigma Squared

Julia Zhou

Co-founder, Tidal Impact

Matthias Strolz


Werner Wutscher

Business Angel

David Mayer-Heinisch