Twelve selected creators/founders will work on their ideas together with experts from the fields of education, NGOs, organizational development, start-up building, business and finance, among others. In interdisciplinary and process-supported teamwork, mutual impulses are to be set, experiences exchanged and most importantly, expertise shared. Following experts will join the MEGA Hackathon. The list continues to be updated. 


Tatjana Lattorff

Fürst Liechtenstein Philanthropie Stiftung

Peter Eiselmair

Managing Director, Education Group

Hartwig Hitz

Geography and Economics Teacher

Silja Graupe

Founder, Cusanus Hochschule

Finance & Economics

Mariella Schurz

Secretary General, B&C Privatstiftung

Alex Moser-Parapatits

Managing Director, B&C Innovation Investments

Markus Schuller

Founder & Managing Partner, Panthera Solutions

Karsten Ottenberg

Advisory Board Member, Cusanus Hochschule

Ulrike Zöchbauer

Specialist, Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA)

Johannes Seiringer

Raiffeisenlanesbank Oberösterreich AG

Charly Kleissner

Co-Founder, Toniic

Start up & Business Angels

Daniel Dippold

Serial Founder & Investor

Michael Kowatschew

President, Sigma Squared

Julia Zhou

Co-founder, Tidal Impact

Matthias Strolz


Werner Wutscher

Business Angel

David Mayer-Heinisch